Fall Lawn Care Tips For Improved Curb Appeal

Dated: 09/06/2017

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Fall is approaching fast and the temperatures are quickly becoming more ideal for getting outdoors and getting things done! I've been an avid gardener for many years and fall is my favorite time to be out in the garden. There's a lot to do too to make sure that your curb appeal is perfect! With the lawn and garden what you do now will pay off several months down the road so begin preparing now for Spring. Today I'm going to pass along a few lawn care tips that will help improve your lawn!

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One of the most important things you can do to your lawn is to overseed in the fall. Overseeding is where you apply additional grass seed to the grass you currently have. It establishes new healthy plants in the lawn and can replenish grass that may have not come back or has begun to look patchy. I like to change the variety and brand of grass seed each time I do this so that I diversify the types of grass in the lawn. That way if one grass variety does not perform well others pick up the slack! I generally sow a type fescue grass seed in the fall. If you look on the backs of seed you can see the different varieties of grass seed the bag contains on the label. It will list the types of seed in the bags by percentages and you can compare brand to brand. 

One more tip: watch the weather and overseed right before a rain so you don't have to water!

Aerate the Lawn

Lawn aeration is important to help oxygen reach the roots of the grass. You can rent a machine, buy one, or borrow a neighbor's. Most lawn care companies also offer this service. Some will use a plugging machine which will remove soil plugs but be sure the ground is a little moist so that this can be done effectively. Then allow the plugs to dry out and run them over with your lawn mower so they can break down again. I don't plug my lawn but use a different method instead: overseeding with an annual rye grass. It's the kind of grass seed that is often used as a cover crop. It will die off in the spring and does two things to the soil: 

  1. It shoots roots into the ground which will die off and create air passages as they decomopse.

  2. It will decompose and add beneficial organic matter to the soil!

Either way is effective but I prefer the two for one deal of fertilization and aeration that I get with annual rye grass. 

Fertilize the Grass

Once your new grass seed has been established give it a good quality fertilizer to help it along. You can find fall fertilizer mixes that are called "winterizers." These are basically fertilizers that will dose the soil with enough nutrition to help it grow. There are organic types of fall winterizers as well as non-organic. One other grass growing tips is to apply sifted compost to the soil every few weeks until dormancy. Compost contains beneficial nutrients AND microbes that help to convert the nutrients into usable forms by the plants. Microbes do a lot of positive work in the lawn which is why I like to recommend organic methods that encourage the growth of beneficial microbes.

These are just a few lawn tips to help improve your curb appeal this fall. If you are thinking of listing your home in spring please remember that first impressions can make a difference. What you do this fall on your yard will benefit the lawn in Spring so now is the time to get to work! Feel free to contact me with any garden or lawn questions. Or you can find more lawn and garden tips on my garden website: Growing The Home Garden.

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